LOST? Let God Drive

Do you feel Lost?

God’s plan for each of us is often as difficult for us to find as it is to see where we are going when driving at night.  On the road, you need good headlights to show you the way.  In life, we are often in the dark too, feeling lost and not able to see what direction to take or even where our next step should be.  Christ is the light of the world and also a light to our feet as we journey through life.  When Christ is the One directing our lives, we are never lost.

Are you ready to let God drive?

Many folks know they should have God in their lives but do not, and don’t know what to do.  Christ is always willing to help us, but we do need for Him to lead and direct our lives — that is to “Let God Drive.”  Although getting God into the driver’s seat is simple, many people have difficulty doing it by themselves.  The Church helps people learn about the tremendous love that God has for each of us.  God wants us to be absolutely certain that we will live eternally in His presence.  We can have that faith and confidence because Jesus willingly suffered and died for our sin, and rose again to conquer death for us.  God’s gift of faith places Him in the driver’s seat of our lives.  Our goal in creating this program is to help people get connected with God through attending a Church.

Do you have questions?

Questions may come to mind as you think about beginning a relationship with God.  They are very important and need thoughtful Bible centered answers.  These are best answered by scheduling a face-to-face meeting with the Pastor of the Church you visit.  Local Pastors best understand the issues in your area and are willing to work through all of your questions.

What Church should you attend?

Our denomination’s beliefs and practices are available on The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod’s web page as well as a Church locator and other information.  You are most welcome to visit one of our Churches.  However, if you would feel more comfortable going to a different denomination, look in the yellow pages of the telephone book under “Churches” for all Churches in your area.

It is important to feel welcomed by the Church you attend and that the truth of God’s Word is spoken from the pulpit.  We pray that you will find these two things in your quest for Jesus. If you never go to a Church, you will probably never make it to the final destination God desires for you.  Now is the best time for you to go, and we are praying for you to go soon.

God speed,
Your friends in Christ
The Lutherans

To hear an uplifting inspirational song by Debbie Barnes on letting God drive,
press here.

All “Let God Drive” program bumper stickers, vinyl clings, and
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